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Plan. Do you know where you are going?

We help create clarity amongst the directors.  Are you all on the same page around the direction of the organisation.  If we asked you what is your vision or purpose of your business, would we get the same answer from your fellow directors or your team?  

Find. Do you need to hire?  

We all know we have a productivity problem in NZ.  Are we contributing to this as business owners? Do we need to always hire on a 40 hour week basis?  Can we look at other options, temporary, contract, part-time or job share? Or do we not need to hire at all?  

And imagine the benefits of having a workforce that lives closer to where you are based?

Grow. People in your business holding you back?

We like to get to know the people inside your organisation, so we can help you with critical conversations in the growth of your business and retain your best people.  We are also very aware that those who were right for you in the start-up phase, might not be right for the next stage of your business.

Harness your inner critic as your hidden superpower

This is a very personal blog post for me, but one I felt I needed to share. I’ve learnt that I am not alone on this particular topic and it’s not an easy journey and sometimes a little uncomfortable... Looking back a few years I now realise that my ‘inner critic’ in my working life had become a bit overbearing to say the least. T…

Hatch, match & dispatch

Is Sprout getting into the dating game?   Thankfully not!  That’s another ball game that we will leave for you.   However, lately, I can’t help thinking about the similarities between that and businesses onboarding of new staff. In general, I see Wellington employers doing a great job of creating excitement in the attraction phase of bringing new people i…

Don’t fake it, just make it - my journey into leadership

We’ve all heard the term ‘fake it ‘til you make it’, right? Well if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about leadership in the workplace, it’s that there’s a bit more to it than that. In my first leadership role I found myself in a situation where I was losing staff, productivity was not where it should have been and I simply was…

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