Best job in the world!

Posted by Brien Keegan

Reflections on the first 12 months, having the best job in the world and finding a true purpose.

We have just notched a little over one year at Sprout and I have been thinking a lot about writing a blog post about this milestone. 

It’s not that easy to sum up in a short post. Do you write about the thousands of learnings, how grateful you are, the many challenges you’ve faced or the future?!

I realised recently that I keep telling people how much I love my job, so I thought I would focus on that. 


Work no longer feels like work – “do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”.

We talk to business owners about the need to understand the impact of your organisation and the stakeholders you serve. If you can gain true clarity in that, you have a genuine purpose that your team will be able to connect to.  However, a true purpose can have wider benefits. Keep reading… 😊

12 months ago, there was no Sprout.  There was an idea, a purpose and a vision.  Now we have a clear and growing proposition, customers, a team of seven and websites set up. We essentially have a business.  But it’s the purpose that drives myself and the team. 


High fives and uppercuts

When you start your own business, you get both positive and negative feedback

I got told by some that small businesses won’t have the budget, it will be difficult to find the right people to scale up, entrepreneurs and business owners won’t be open to outside advice and I will work longer hours… In our case, all wrong. 

To be fair I was given a lot of great advice too.  Don’t be too complicated, change the languaging, clearly understand your direction, but most of all, be really clear about your purpose (thank you Ben Marris).  All correct!


Connecting your ‘why’ to the business purpose

It may not surprise you that my personal ‘why’ connects directly into our purpose as a business.  Let me tell you though, when that purpose connects everyone else in the business, that’s when the magic happens and you’ll see success.  

Our team at Sprout genuinely want to make a difference to the prosperity of Kiwis, and that includes each other. 

We want to help support the productivity challenge in New Zealand and help businesses stop and think, do we need to hire and if so, is now the right time? We apply this same thinking to ourselves and have therefore built our own productive group of awesome humans.

Lastly, we truly want New Zealand to be a happier place.  By creating an engaged workforce that works close to where they live and play, we believe this is genuinely possible. 

We’ve had an impact on many Kiwi businesses and individuals in our inaugural year.  One area that gives us huge satisfaction is helping organisations understand and define their purpose and then applying that language and thinking in everything they do. 

This creates greater team engagement and makes it easier to attract the right talent, at the right time.  There are other benefits too; business has been won through articulating a clearer purpose, partnerships are created, processes are improved and excitement in ‘founders’ is rekindled. We’ve even heard businesses we work with sharing their business story discuss the purpose we have helped co-create. 


The future

I am so proud of what we have achieved in 12 months, but I am even more excited about the future.  It’s great to be in a business with people that you love working with and where everyone is on a shared mission and purpose. 

For me, I am a massive believer in New Zealanders and what we can achieve. It’s a privilege to be able to play a part in businesses today, that will be tomorrow’s success stories. 

Thank you to my awesome wife, the Sprout team, advisors, suppliers, businesses we have worked with and people we have supported in their job search.  It’s been a cracking first year!  

Bring on the next 12 months – I really do love my job. 

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