Changing leadership and gaining a clear view of the next five years - all in a week’s work

Posted by Brien Keegan

At Sprout, we have a very genuine purpose of helping NZ become more a prosperous, productive and happy place to live, work and play.  We believe that high growth companies succeed, or don’t, largely due to the decisions they make around people.

We believe that making the right people decisions will make you more productive and likely to succeed as a business.

Making the right people decisions isn’t just about hiring. It’s also about retaining talent and farewelling people when the time is right.

Those decisions could include promoting people, finding alternatives to the standard 40 hour week contract and having a clear organisational structure that will support growth. Underneath all this, it’s also key to achieve good HR hygiene to ensure consistency beyond growth and avoid challenges in future.

But first, an organisation needs to be clear about what it wants to achieve.

Introducing the Clarity Workshop

If you don’t know where you are going, how are others going to help you get there? 

We’ve created a workshop dedicated to helping organisations achieve clarity on ‘how’ they grow, before they grow. 

We gain an understanding of the organisation’s direction, existing talent, cultural climate and the employer offering in the marketplace. 

Based on those learnings we can then support that organisation in building a future structure, creating a stronger employer brand and lifting engagement levels across the business.

We sometimes work with directors of businesses that have very different visions of where the organisation is heading.  From an employer standpoint, if there’s a lack of clarity at the ownership level, how are they expected to play their part of achieving the organisation’s vision? 

Success stories of the Clarity Workshop

We’ve been humbled by the impact we’ve had on mid-sized growth businesses, which has included;

  • Resizing a company and returning them from loss making, to a profitable and cashflow-positive business.
  • Working with a highly ambitious entrepreneur to identify their strengths and weaknesses personally, whilst creating a clear organisational plan to achieve their awesome vision.
  • Replacing a CEO, achieving clarity on an organisation’s future and putting stronger HR standards in place, all in the space of 7 days.  The gap between planning and executing doesn’t need to be long-winded!

Plan, before you grow

Our most meaningful partnerships with businesses takes place when we support them on the grow phase, first by helping them gain clarity.  If you’d like to know more about our Clarity Workshop and the process we go through, reach out to me. If you do decide to go ahead with the workshop, mention this blog post and we will reduce the rate by 15%. 

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