Baby steps – being a WAHM

Posted by Junelle Groves

I’ve just started a new role as a WAHM - working at home mum.

I came across the term when looking for advice online on how to make it work. It’s been an additional learning curve alongside actually becoming a mum.

A unique situation to be ahead of the curve

While it’s a challenge, I am also aware of the luxury that most Mothers do not have this option, and have to spend significantly less time with their babies in these formative years.

Reflecting on this I feel a deep sense of gratitude and humility.

Being a WAHM also gives me a sense of solidarity with other parents in the same boat. It’s also great to be on this journey feeling somewhat ahead of the curve. This is absolutely the direction the world is moving towards with genuine flexible working, but it still doesn’t feel fully established and accepted.

As a New Zealander, I also can’t help but feel a sense of solidarity with our Prime Minister. Okay, her actual work is slightly different to mine, but she’s still balancing this with being a first time Mum. In pockets when I wonder if this Is going to work, I think of her and feel inspired and energised. And like Jacinda, I have my partner who makes this balancing act possible – his name is Abraham.

Support at work and at home

Thanks to the flexibility of Abraham’s job – making and producing music – his hours can be variable and many of them are spent in our home studio. This unique set-up has made being a WAHM all the more possible. We are so grateful that we can both work and look after our baby Seldon at home.

Our 21st century village then extends to my boss, Brien. I'm blessed to have a job that lets me stay at home, and it’s Brien’s willingness to enable this that makes it possible.

Breaking the mould

I have to admit, being a WAHM is not always easy and it takes trial and error to work out the best ways to keep things in healthy motion. My primary responsibility is always going to be my baby and having the support of Abraham at home and Brien at work enables me to balance this.

They’re breaking that patriarchy mould and it’s refreshing. Shout out not just to Brien and Abraham, but also to men around the world who are enabling women.


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